South Dallas Overview


South Dallas/Fair Park is an underserved, inner-city 

community ripe for smart growth utilizing a comprehensive economic development plan based on a common vision and agenda using out-of-the-box thinking.

South Dallas/Fair Park assets:

· Proximity to the Central Business District and major thoroughfares 

(I30, I35, I45, Hwy 175 and 310); 

· Proximity to new developments in The Cedars, Uptown, and Deep Ellum

· Fair Park and many, beautiful neighborhood parks; 

· The Trinity River with access to its extensive trail system;

· Ample affordable and vacant land on which to develop; 

· Stable neighborhoods. Active neighborhood associations; 

· Quality social services organizations, and churches; and

· Passionate, dedicated residents desirous of positive change

RSDC Goals

 · Re-populate the area. (It had 60,000 residents in the 1960s)

· Advocate for economic and racial diversity in recruiting new residents

· Promote mixed-income re-population without displacement 

· Improve public schools (especially middle and high school outcomes)

· Cut school drop-out rate (currently at 48%)

· Reduce unemployment rate (currently at 17+%)

· Advocate for responsible, community-centric Fair Park privatization 

· Vastly improve/expand broadband and cell phone capacity

· Promote urban agriculture as a new industry. Train urban farmers

· Advocate for private investment that partners with government investments

· Support economic development (PIDs; TIFs; Opportunity & Enterprise Zones); 

· Advocate for job creation, workforce development, and employers locating to the area

· Eliminate crime “hotspots” with new, holistic approaches to crime-fighting

· Advocate public policy related to housing and economic development

· Promote marketing of SD/FP as good, safe place to work, learn and play

· Develop a Common Vision and Common Agenda for SD/FP