About Us

 Revitalize South Dallas Coalition Activities:

· produces a weekly e-newsletter featuring positive, community events

· serves as a SD/FP information clearinghouse

· disseminates area-specific demographic and economic data

· offers customized tours to interested stakeholders

· advocates for smart-growth public policies

· engages progressive community and business groups

· advocates for new business like urban agriculture

· promotes quality public schools

· supports building strong neighborhood associations 

· and, benchmarks innovative solutions to complex inner-city challenges

Revitalize South Dallas Coalition was founded in 2012 by South Dallas residents working with Frazier Revitalization to strengthen neighborhood associations and leaders. That committee created RSDC to focus attention on economic development in South Dallas/Fair Park.

Dallas Leadership Foundation, an experienced community development organization, provides office space, administrative support, coaching, and planning expertise. 

RSDC was formed to link stakeholders with partners to strengthen neighborhoods, expand business opportunities, create jobs, and revitalize the area through consensus building around a unified, common vision.  


Meet Our Board Of Directors

Board Members

Ken Smith, President

Lucy Cain, Vice President

Jim Slaughter, Treasurer

James Mitchell

Linda Summers

Rev Michael Waters