South Dallas Snapshot

Size:                                       12 square miles

Population:                          27,000 (lost 55% of residents since 1960s)

                                               68% - African American. 

                                               28% - Latino. 

                                               4% Anglo/Other.

Households:                       7700 (2.9 persons per household)

Median Income:                $24,000 (family of 4)

Homeownership:               28% own. 72% rent

Unemployment:                 17+%

Vacant land:                       26%.

Vacant structures:            22%

High School Grads:          60%. 

Dropout Rate:                   48%. 

Kids on free lunch:          90%

Median age:                      48

Seniors raising kids:        40%

Businesses:                      1032 (average 4 or fewer employees)

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Revitalize South Dallas Coalition (RSDC) is a nonprofit dedicated

to the economic development of South Dallas/Fair Park. Our 

organization is 100% volunteer. 

We have no paid staff. All funds

raised go to defray office, administrative, communication, 

and related expenses to serve our constituents 

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