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10 Drops in the bucket: Revitalize South Dallas a model of pursuing change, Dallas Morning News, March 13, 2013

Stacy Cherones: Lincoln High’s culinary link to its community, Dallas Morning News, February 14, 2013

Ken Smith: Blueprint for a sustainable South Dallas, Dallas Morning News, Published February 13, 2013

Revitalize South Dallas Coalition Roll-Out Presentation, March 22, 2012

Smith, K. and Lucky, A. The investment disparity between downtown and South Dallas. Dallas Morning News. Published: Jan 17, 2012

Editorial: State housing board fixes a problem it created. Dallas Morning News. Published January 17, 2012

Editorial: Southern Dallas had a week of progress. Dallas Morning News. Published: February 3, 2012

Editorial: Success for the Fair and South Dallas. Published: October 4, 2011

GrowSouth: Southern Dallas Economic Growth Plan (Facebook)

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