Revitalize South Dallas Coalition


RSDC is an alliance of community groups, businesses, neighborhood associations, churches, and individuals that champion economic development and job creation in South Dallas/Fair Park through partnerships among public, private and community stakeholders.

Geographic Boundaries
represents the South Dallas/Fair Park area, generally the underserved neighborhoods south of downtown within the Madison and Lincoln High School feeder patterns. The boundaries are: downtown to the north; Dolphin/Hatcher Streets to the east; Highway 175 to the south; and South Lamar to the west. It does not include The Cedars, Oak Cliff or Pleasant Grove.


To mobilize stakeholders around a common vision for economic development and revitalization of South Dallas/Fair Park


  • Solution-oriented
  • Proactive
  • Self-sufficient
  • Cultural diversity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity


South Dallas/Fair Park is an economically vibrant, growing, unified, attractive, desirable place to live, work, learn and play.
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