Board Officers
Ken Smith, President
Lucy Cain, Vice President
Robert Foster, Secretary
Jim Slaughter, Treasurer
LaTrese Adkins
Derrick Brown

James Mitchell
Deborah Parish
Linda Summers 
Dr. Michael W. Waters

Revitalize South Dallas Coalition

About Us


Revitalize South Dallas Coalition was founded in 2012 by a small group of South Dallas residents that had been functioning as a committee of Frazier Revitalization Inc. to strengthen neighborhood associations and leaders. After working on a number of neighborhood-related initiatives, the committee recognized that economic development was an area needing greater attention, and formed Revitalize South Dallas Coalition to address the vacuum.

RSDC joined forces with Dallas Leadership Foundation, an experienced community development partner, that provides office space, administrative support, coaching, and planning expertise to help RSDC reach its objectives.

In our short history, RSDC has:

  • Become a valuable pipeline for positive development news related to South Dallas
  • Become a “go-to” liaison for persons wanting to do business in South Dallas
  • Linked community stakeholders with needed resources; and,
  • Promoted the assets and benefits of the South Dallas/Fair Park area

RSDC was formed to link stakeholders with business partners to create new business, expand existing business, and create jobs in the South Dallas/Fair Park area through consensus-building and long-range planning around a unified, common vision.  This is accomplished by identifying key players, investors and capital resources; encouraging new dialogue; entertaining fresh ideas; and, crafting updated action plans that spur responsible, community-oriented growth.

RSDC also was formed to support and promote worthy building projects underway or in development. For example, RSDC:

  • Developed a community support campaign for Frazier Revitalization Inc.’s Hatcher Square project letter-writing, editorials, and testimony before a state board.
  • Aids the development/expansion of the Lincoln Culinary Arts Academy;
  • Is a founding member of the Fresh Food Alliance seeking to make South Dallas an urban agriculture center
  • Aids the strengthening and development of South Dallas neighborhood associations;
  • Helped one neighborhood association develop a statistical database
  • Brands South Dallas a vibrant place to live, work and play.


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